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If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, you are required to provide you own written explanation of the event and a legal statement from your legal representative summarizing the event(s) and the final disposition of your case. Your "yes" answer to one or more of the following questions will not necessarily preclude your being admitted. However, your failure to provide complete, accurate and truthful information will be grounds to deny or withdraw your admission, or to dismiss you after enrollment.

For the purpose of the following six questions "crime" or "criminal charge" refers to any crime other than a traffic-related misdemeanor or an infraction. You must, however, include alcohol or drug offenses whether or not they are traffic related.

Have you been convicted of a crime?*
Have you entered a plea of guilty, a plea of no contents, a plea of nolo contendere, or an Alford plea, or have you received a deferred prosecution or prayer for judgment continued, to a criminal charge?
Have you otherwise accepted responsibility for the commission of a crime?
Do you have any criminal charges pending against you?*
Have you ever been expelled, dismissed, suspended, placed on probation, or otherwise subject to any disciplinary sanction by any school, college, or university. This may include, but not limited to, academic cheating, conduct violations, or alcohol infractions. If you answer "yes," you are required to attach a statement from an appropriate school official supporting your summary of events in addition to your own explanation of the event.*
Have you ever served in the military?*

You must promptly notify the Admissions office in writing of any criminal charge, any disposition of a criminal charge, or any school, college or university disciplinary action against you, or any type of military discharge other than an honorable discharge that occurs at any time after you submit this application. Your failure to do so will be grounds to deny or withdraw your admission, or to dismiss you after enrollment.

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Saint Augustine's University does not discriminate in its recruitment and admission of students, regardless of gender, race, creed, color, religion, age, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

I certify that all answers on this application are correct and complete. I understand that providing false or incomplete answers could disqualify me for admission or terminate my enrollment. I will promptly notify Saint Augustine's University before my enrollment about any changes in the above information. By signing this application Saint Augustine's University reserves the right to administer a criminal background check. By submitting this application, I agree to abide by all Saint Augustine's University regulations.

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